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RITS micro/nano engineering key lab at Tsinghua University (our lab) was established in 2004 by Research Institute of Tsinghua University In Shenzhen and The State Key Laboratory of Tribology (SKLT) at Tsinghua University as a research center.

Our lab does research in micro/nano production, tribological technology and related interdisciplinary researches, including hyperfine surface polishing technique (for computer"s hard disc, magnetic head, integrated circuits chip, semiconductor wafer, LED substrate wafer, fiber connector, gemstone, optical glass, metal, etc); and also we investigate in micro/nano-level materialsmainly include micro/nano-level particle in hyperfine processing, battery, lubricating materials etc..

So far, we have successfully undertook a series of national, provincial and ministerial level projects, including: National Key Basic Research and Development Plan of China (973 Program, major special project of National Eleventh Five-year Plan, major program of National Natural Science Foundation and Guangdong Joint Fund, international science and technology cooperation projects of Ministry of Science, project of National Natural Science Foundation, 863 National Major Program and several other provincial and municipal projects.